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Free grants available for insulation, solar panels, heat pumps and more through free energy efficiecy programs

We Aim To Reduce your Energy Costs by 20-45%
Without ECO
With ECO
free energy efficiency programs
free energy efficiency programs

The Price of Delay

Every day without energy-efficient upgrades is a loss. Here's why:

Increased Bills

Inefficient energy use leads to higher utility bills. Upgrade to energy-efficient solutions and cut down your monthly expenses.

Reduced Home Comfort

Non-energy-efficient homes often face uneven heating and poor air quality. Energy upgrades can enhance your daily comfort and well-being.

Missed Financial Opportunities

Delaying energy upgrades means missing out on financial incentives. Take advantage of grants and rebates for affordable energy improvements.

Make the Smart Switch


Immediate Savings

Embrace energy-efficient upgrades and start enjoying lower utility bills immediately. Smart energy choices lead to significant savings.


Environmental Contribution

Your decision to upgrade contributes to a healthier planet. Lower carbon emissions and sustainable living are within reach.


Enhanced Home Comfort

Energy efficiency means more than savings. Experience enhanced comfort, consistent temperatures, and better air quality in your home.


Increased Property Value

Energy-efficient homes attract higher market values. Investing in eco-friendly solutions is not just good for the planet—it's good for your property's worth.

Energy Efficiency Grants Awaiting

At Eco Green Grants, we offer a variety of free energy efficiency programs designed to enhance your home's energy efficiency and comfort. Whether you're looking to upgrade your insulation, replace an outdated boiler, or install renewable energy solutions, we have a grant that can help.

free energy efficiency programs
Insulation Grants
Boiler Replacement Grants

Renewable Energy Installations

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Check Your Eligibility for Our Grants

If any member of your household receives one of the following Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) benefits, you may be eligible:

*Income Criteria: Alternatively, households with an annual income of less than £31,000 (after deduction of Tax and National Insurance) may also qualify.

Child Benefits Criteria

For households receiving Child Benefits, the eligibility is determined based on the following income limits according to the number of children:

1 Child

Single Claimant - £19,900
Couple - £27,500

2 Children

Single Claimant - £24,800
Couple - £32,300

3 Children

Single Claimant - £29,600
Couple - £37,200

4+ Children

Single Claimant - £34,500
Couple - £42,000

Flawless Application Process

At Eco Green Grants, we value your time and effort. That’s why our grant application process is straightforward and direct – no registration required. Start your journey towards free energy efficiency programs with just a few simple steps.

Fill Form

Access our easy-to-use online form and provide the necessary details about your home and energy needs.

Submit with Ease

Once you’ve completed the form, submit it with a single click. We’ve made sure it’s as straightforward as possible.

Application Process

After submission, our team carefully goes through the submission and initiates the seamless flow of Application.


Voila, your application gets approved and our team initiates the installation process afterwards.

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Maximum Comfort, Minimum Costs


Home Insulation Upgrades

Avoid losing heat through outdated insulation. Our upgrades keep warmth in, significantly reducing your heating bills.


Boiler Replacement Grants

Stop wasting money on inefficient heating. Upgrade to a modern boiler and lower your energy costs immediately.


Renewable Energy Installations

Don't miss the benefits of renewable energy. Solar panels and wind turbines cut electricity bills and dependence on fossil fuels.


Energy Efficiency Consultations

Missing potential savings? Our consultations pinpoint where you can improve, offering a clear path to lower energy use.


Window and Door Upgrades

Prevent heat escape through old windows and doors. Our energy-efficient replacements enhance comfort and security.


Grant Application Assistance

Avoid the confusion of grant applications. Our experts guide you through, maximizing your chances for funding.

Real Stories, Real Impact

Listen from our happy clients.

ECO Green Grants
Brian O'Neil Glasgow

Upgrading to an energy-efficient heating system changed my winters. Thanks to Eco Green Grants, my home is warm and my bills are low.

ECO Green Grants
Emily Johnson Bristol

After receiving the insulation grant from Eco Green Grants, our home is so much warmer, and our heating bills have dropped significantly. It's made a world of difference for my family's comfort and budget.

ECO Green Grants
Mark Thompson Sheffield

I never knew how much I could save until I got the energy-efficient lighting upgrade through Eco Green Grants. My apartment is brighter and my electricity bills are lower.

ECO Green Grants
David Nguyen Manchester

Updating to a more efficient boiler with the help of Eco Green Grants was a game-changer. Not only am I saving on my energy bills, but I'm also doing my part for the environment. The process was easy and straightforward.

Sophie Chen Edinburgh

I'm so grateful for the window upgrade grant. It’s made my study room more comfortable and energy-efficient.

ECO Green Grants
Carlos Rodriguez Liverpool

The boiler replacement grant was a lifesaver for my café and home. I've seen a drastic cut in energy costs.

ECO Green Grants
George Harris Norwich

Thanks to the insulation grant, our home is now snug and warm. We appreciate Eco Green Grants for helping us improve our golden years.

ECO Green Grants
Aisha Iqbal Birmingham

The grant for energy-efficient windows from Eco Green Grants not only reduced my energy consumption but also significantly improved the street noise. I am grateful for the quieter, more comfortable home environment for my children.

ECO Green Grants
Tom Bennett Leeds

We were hesitant about the complexity of applying for a renewable energy system grant. But Eco Green Grants made it so simple, and now we're thrilled with our solar panels. Our electricity costs are down, and we feel great about using clean energy.

Jasmine Patel Cardiff

Eco Green Grants helped me turn my office into an energy-efficient workspace. This has significantly cut down my operating costs.


(Frequently Asked Questions)

It is a Government initiative under the ECO3 grants. Free and funded replacement boilers are available under the ECO scheme initiated by the government. This scheme is aimed at helping households with low income to reduce their expenses for heating their homes and also reducing their carbon footprint.

Our normal processing time to install the free boiler and underfloor insulation after confirming your eligibility is between 7-10 days, but in case you have a broken boiler we could do your work in less than 5 days if you are eligible under Eco free boiler grant.

All our boiler installed under Eco3 free boiler grants will be A rated boilers and will be installed by approved, qualified and fully insured gas safe registered Engineers.

All our boiler installed under Eco3 will come with a minimum 2 years warranty which you can extend up to 7 or 10 years directly with manufacturer after your free 2 years warranty ends.

All of information provided by you will only be used to process your application for free boiler under Govt Eco3 funding scheme and will be protected under GDPR guidelines. We will never pass on your information to any 3rd party without your prior permission.

Free Boiler Grants are available until 31 March 2022. Funding (Free or heavily subsidised) will vary between property types, age of boiler, insulation types and areas needed and your income-based benefits. Each application is individual.

Yes, once you have applied online, one of our assessors will call you to arrange a free energy survey of your home.

Simply fill out the application form on our website. There’s no need to register, and you can track your application’s progress online.

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